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  1. MarcSilverTriple
    Yesterday 04:15 PM - permalink

    For the time being, I'm patiently waiting that my hot grips are delivered by MV Agusta to my dealer. I will get the sliders mounted and my left hand protector fixed at the same time. But looking at the massive delay to get the hot grips delivered, I find this a bit crazy: I actually needed them in February, and we are about to be in April. They were ordered late January, and they are still not there. Thanks the protection is quite good and therefore I actually almost felt they were not needed... In fine, I have no clue when I will get those mounted, because of the grips and I'm getting used now to not giving myself any deadline about this :-)
  2. MarcSilverTriple
    03-20-2017 02:20 PM - permalink
    Yes that's a shame. And the same, I suspect I made more damage trying to get the bike upright again alone. I finally waited some people passing by to request for help.

    Regarding the parts, I suspect both parts I have to order were intended as being fuses, as they were available and I should get them tomorrow to my reseller (who is still awaiting for my hotgrips...).

    As regard of the plastic part on the MV, I actually intended to do measurement and 3D Scan. Would eventually consider a 3D Print for that (and why not redesign it to get it more protective for our Turismos...).
  3. MarcSilverTriple
    03-20-2017 01:47 AM - permalink
    Good morning Chas

    Thanks for the measurement. With the MV one, I'll have to consider carter protections as well (which is what I wanted to confirm). I'll definitely go for the MV one, as I think they are safe for the frame in case of slide with speed.

    Had a side drop at a stop at an intersection in Y last week-end. I was on a leg of the intersection which was going up to the main road, and was so well on the bike I completely forgot its weight and size, and when stopping put my foot in a hole that I didn't saw (and the bike being definitely bigger than the Monster, I got tricked). The left luggage made a big protection work, but my left hand protection got slightly damage in this (the connectors between the handlebar and the hand protector acted as fuse, and I'll have to replace them (I have for 57€ all tax included in parts for that). Thanks it didn't prevent to ride the whole week-end).
  4. MarcSilverTriple
    03-17-2017 01:13 PM - permalink

    Yes, correct...
  5. MarcSilverTriple
    03-09-2017 05:17 PM - permalink

    There is actually a three point mount existing on the market, it comes from MV Agusta, and it is initially designed for Rivale/Stradale: RIVALE 800 | ACCESSOIRES EN ERGAL | Patins de protection noirs pour (paire) | MV Agusta

    We checked and it's actually compliant with the Turismo Veloce. Protection wise, I can't say yet. We measured 6cm extension at the same point for the R&G Aero... Just out of curiosity : how much length is the R&G one from the frame?

    If it is similar, I may have my solution.
  6. Bumpkin
    03-07-2017 06:48 AM - permalink
    I have no intention of crashing to test your theories....

    Probably jinxed myself with that
  7. MarcSilverTriple
    03-06-2017 04:24 PM - permalink
    Hi Chas,

    I never had crash pads on bike before the black street triple. I choose them purposely being set on 2 points and not a single one. In the case of the Turismo, at this stage, I didn't find any fitting the criteria, and with a stand drop a lot would be broken The R&G aero are acceptable in design (not the case for puig ones). Still looking if no better options out there. I contacted SW-Motech and Touratech (they are very well thought in general on other bike): both responded they did not had the chance to have the bike in their workshop for analysis....Anyway, one of the reason I'm thinking about protection is that I drop my Daytona while moving it in the garage, and it cost me the right side engine cover (in magnesium). And guess what, this part was pierced was a dzus. Price to pay was the week-end in car. Need to find a solution, maybe interim waiting for better solution...
  8. MarcSilverTriple
    03-02-2017 12:38 PM - permalink

    actually made a line with a ruler on your picture. Not sure the wheel axle slider is a good idea :

    There is a likely question of choice here... Saving the handlebar or a light mark at the bottom of the fork... And by chance do you have one picture with the paniers?
  9. MarcSilverTriple
    03-02-2017 12:26 PM - permalink

    Very interesting pictures, thanks. I also saw recently a broken TV on pictures (you may see it here) and I'm asking myself how solid the fixation of those sliders is, as this may typically have bad impact on the frame of the bike in case of accident (I remember some reseller saying that sliders fixed on 2 points are less intrusive than sliders fixed on a unique point in this particular case). The protection for a fall while stopped seems however good...

    Thanks to fuel my thinking...
  10. MarcSilverTriple
    02-13-2017 02:16 PM - permalink
    If I remember well, you have mounted R&G Aero frame sliders on your TVL. Would it be possible to see pictures of the bike (including one from front). I'd like to estimate the level of protection it offers before doin any investment.

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