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Alcohol bulge?

Corn is for food and booze not fuel though booze has fueled a great many problems throughout history including this one. I have two 1098 Ducatis that have the same issue with tank swelling. Crappy choice of material for a fuel tank being sold in a country that uses ethanol in their gasoline. The problem is this is not secret that there is a non-compatibility issue so why do they do it? I would have been happy to have paid a little more for an aluminum tank right off the get go and not have this issue to deal with all on my dime. A new plastic tank I am sure is not cheap so let the customer pay the difference in the cost and call it good. Aluminum tanks for the Ducatis run $2,000.00 US, I have not checked on the MVs yet.
I am lucky though in that I have a filling station close by that has 100% fossil fuel sans the Jack Daniels. This does put me in a shallow orbit around this one station however. My riding fits with this and if I do want to go for a longer trip I have a 999r with a steel tank.
Fuel at the track is 100% gasoline though it is more expensive but so is the whole track experience so spending another ten bucks for fuel is not that big of a deal for me. Riding on the street these days has really lost it's appeal for me. The track is kicking my ass because of my age of 62 so the street might be my only choice in the future. I need to get my fat ass in better shape if I want to continue doing track days and my dream of racing. I have a feeling this summer is going to be my last chance for that one to come true unless my order for testosterone pills does what they say it does. That may bring up a completely different problem of trying to ride with a raging hard on.

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